Tuesday , 29 July 2014

  • Convince Potential Customers with Compelling Copywriting

    Don’t let your web site be a wallflower! If you want customers, you need to appeal to their emotions, and make them excited and intrigued about your business. And that’s where the copywriting skills of Craig Wright (owner of StrayGoat Writing Services Ltd) can help.

    A professional copywriter and technical writer with 18 years’ professional experience, Craig Wright (that’s me) has the writing skills to bring your sales pitch to life. As a certified Success Works SEO copywriter, I can write content that appeals to search engines, and just as importantly, persuades and convinces your potential clients to stop browsing and start buying.

    Getting a High Ranking Page is Only Half the Battle

    Getting your content ranking high on Google, Bing and other search engines is only half the battle.  Because high levels of traffic bring you leads, not conversions. To turn your visitors into real paying customers rather than virtual window-shoppers, you need to convince them that you have what they want. How do you do that? By hiring me to craft copywriting that is creative, engaging, and designed to grab the attention of your potential customers. Starting with a powerful, SEO-friendly headline, I will craft pages that appeal to the search engines and:

    • Grab your visitors’ attention
    • Emphasise the benefits your business has to offer
    • Use emotive language to compel readers to buy
    • Answer visitors’ questions
    • Convince them that your business has exactly what they are looking for.

    Copywriter for Small Businesses

    Good news for small businesses and new start-ups – I specialise in writing powerful copy for businesses just like yours. Some copywriters may turn small projects down because they have their eye on larger corporate clients, but I’m not one of them. If you have small jobs, you are just the sort of customer I love to work with. Why? Because I enjoy working with smaller companies on smaller projects (I get to work with the big boys as a technical writer, and for me, variety really is the spice of life).

    So don’t worry if you only need a handful of pages, a single article, or even one marketing email – just get in touch. I can create compelling copy for all your promotional content, including:

    • Web content, including sales pages and articles
    • Direct mail and E-Mail Marketing
    • Brochures and leaflets
    • Press Releases

    I am also a highly experienced technical writer, so can create professional product manuals, online help, wiki content, etc., too.


    StrayGoat Copywriting Site is Currently Being Upgraded

    This site is currently being upgraded, but don’t worry – you can still get in touch with StrayGoat via the StrayGoat Technical Writing site. Just click this documentation link and let Craig know what you need.